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>>Well, I'm sure that your graciousness of tone helps to smooth over a lot
>> of
>>The thing is, I DO know Louis Proyect from a "fucking hole in the wall,"
>>I've exchanged e-mails with him on several previous occasions.
>>I don't necessarily agree with him on many points, but I have encountered
>>him in
>>enough different places over the years that I felt like I knew him.
>>And now I do.
> Although I do not think that you and your fellow editors are getting
> payoffs from the CIA, you are doing their work for free. During the 1970s
> and 80s people like Claire Sterling and Arnaud de Borchgrave were writing
> article after article about "yellow rain", Communist plots to kill the
> pope
> and other lurid tales. It was pretty obvious at the time that they were
> hooked up with the national security state.

Whose work are you doing for free, Lou?  Certainly not the Pander Brothers':
this is neither hardcore nor "soft and warm", although it may meet New York
observational protocols (keep attention focused on the "wider world").
Someone more important than you is trying to be nice to you, and you
(mild-mannered Ivy League computer programmer) are attempting to deliver a
smackdown on Berkeley-smackers (such as do exist).  This is a situation which
in my estimation calls for lightly salted mirth and merriment, but really:
to what
extent are you truly speaking at cross-purposes with *Bad Subjects* and to
what extent does that reflect poorly upon your little raft?  And it's just
enough to defend the Cuban revolution Way Out West, maybe you can even
cut *former* Raiders enthusiasts a deal and sharpen knives for those who
keep the young 'uns down on the farm after they've seen Ferdinand Foch.
For real.


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