[Marxism] "Looking for a *lucky girl* to put me in the pink",

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sat Feb 28 19:07:57 MST 2004

Actually, Rubarb's funny about academe, blowing hot and cold on
it...rather like that prize goof with whom Louis' having that exchange
"Bad Subjects".  

They might be academics in some backwater, but they really seem to know
so little of Marx and Marxism, that they haven't even mastered the
bleached language of academic Marxism.  Also his snideness to Louis
about being an Ivy League programmer and some of his other comments
indicates superficial stabs at class hostility that come out as
expressions of his respect for the hierarchies of the bourgeois world.
Nobody close to those hierarchies with their eyes open actually respects
them that way. 

Mind you, as long as he's on the list, it's a bit of free street
theatre.  Anybody else a fan of the brilliant Prof. Irwin Corey?

Mark L.


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