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Thanks much for your interesting and personal note, Bill.  Samantha was
three when she made the statement, "We don't exist because we want to exist.
We exist because we exist."  This was somewhat stunning to the family
[several of us immediately wrote it down] and of more than passing interest
to Eldri's brother, Arnie Johanson, who has his degree from Yale with a
specialization in William James -- and also an interest in existentialism.
[Arnie retired several years ago as the long time Philosophy chair at
Moorhead State University, Minnesota.]  Samantha has consistently made
straight As in school.

Best -


When you cut to the bone  and cut away the college degrees, academic and
other titles, published books and articles, ours is essentially a working
class and Indian family.  We consistently join unions  -- and we always
support them with the greatest vigor.

It's critical to always keep fighting -- and to always remember that, if one
lives with grace, he/she should be prepared to die with grace.

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> Samantha an atheist at three? Wow! My father became one at ten, in an
> Orthodox Jewish family in Warsaw. When he had passed his hundredth
> anniversary, he told me that he regretted having become one because it
> hurt his mother so much. But he died an atheist. I know I was one at
> six, because when some kid in first grade responded to my expressed
> disbelief in god by asking: "Who made you?", my answer was: "Who made
> god?" While philosophers had certainly asked the latter question
> innumerable times earlier, I know it was original in my case because I
> remember it as a flash of perception.
>   William (Bill)
> Mandel
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