[Marxism] Re: Aristide leaves Haiti after Bush blames him for crisis

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  ueber  [Marxism] Aristide leaves Haiti after Bush blames him for crisis

FF> Mr. Aristide flew from Haiti on a small jet that left Port-au-Prince
FF> at about 6:45 a.m, according to a United States official here, bound
FF> for the neighboring Dominican Republic.

  The BBC World TV's correspondent in Port au Prince whom I just heard  
on TV, said something to the effect, that Aristide resisted his  
departure till the last minute and was actually helped into the plane  
by a US Marine.

  Meanwhile, the mobilizations of the poor people in Port au Prince  
continue, with a class-struggle tone, but also simple plundering.

  Barricades had been erected, a few days ago, a posh restaurant  
frequented by rich Haitians and foreigners had been torched.

 The question is if the working people in Port au Prince can organize  
themselves with a leadership emerging from their ranks and fight back  
the thugs besieging the city, or if US and French imperialists can go  
in and put this rebellion down, of if they let the thugs in doing some  
heavy bloodletting.

  The demand remains: Hands off Haiti!

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