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(End of this part cause we got to jump back. The Background Story to the 
story that is a story about a storyJ)
See I was a union rep and made money. With money you buy everyone drinks, 
especially the white guys because their wife take the money and be ordering shit 
out of the catalogue and then trying to fuck the Federal Express man, “talking 
about Brown delivers.”  The white proletarian men – I think the Irish, 
advanced the first revolutionary program to abolish marriage and blamed that shit 
on Marx so they would not have to argue wit the wife at night. 
“Baby I did not write shit about the family or marriage that was the English, 
that Engels fellow and that German guy. I don’t even know if they like women. 
Don’t they be together all the time reading books? What kind of shit it that 
for two men to do.” 
Niggas were slaves and trying to get married while the white proletarians 
were trying to get out of marriage and not pay child support. That is why 
sections of the working class move and vote in different directions at the same time. 
It is not just ideology but a historically evolved social positions being 
played out. 
Wait a minute – “historically evolved,” that’s Motown Marxism. 
Muttherfuckers backs be glued to different wall in the same room and every 
now and then you might kick somebody by mistake trying to get “Off The Wall.” 
(The Other Part of the back ground story that is taking place in the plant, 
because you do not want to confuse the Marxists. The Marxists sometimes 
overthrow the wrong stuff and you be saying “stop” – you about to make everyone 
child support payments go up.) 

Now, these white guys would come to work in the same clothes, with the wife 
and four kids on their backs and eat a baloney sandwich at lunch. And be 
staring – looking, at your food cussing under their breath. 
“Stupid bitch.” 
“What you say man?” 
“I am not talking to your dumb ass and shouldn’t voted for you, - 
mutherfucker. You black mutherfuckers don’t get it.”
“Look man, today is Friday and I get the pizza and chicken on Friday. Fuck 
that baloney sandwich shit. What you sitting in the corner by yourself for. Next 
you will be talking that stupid shit about a mutherfucker can have your wife 
if they take the kids. I’m tried of fucking her. Tell her to stop showing up 
at the plant on payday talking about you forgot your car keys.” 
“You gonna handled that for me?” 
 “I am not talking to her today. That ain’t no damn union business. Plus she 
keep hitting me up for twenty, talkin  about you will pay me back, if I meet 
her in the parking lot. They got company cameras in the lot and that shit got 
me in trouble with Labor Relations. I told them I was out of the plant on 
Union business and they played the tapes and said “that is not official union 
business” and docked me for an hour. 
“Then I put in a grievance because we get paid in six minute increments and 
the most I can be docked is for six minutes cause three minutes cannot be 
broken down like that. I should have never fucked her in the first place.”
“I told you what was going to happen. See, man you mutherfuckers do be all a 
like thinking with your dick. Now you don’t want to represent my ass. You just 
wanted a mutherfuckers vote. Should na voted for your black ass.” 
The white proletarian men be angry ever day and the women be so mad it be 
like, “damn all of y’all just got out of jail or something.” Some things you do 
not know about me. I am one of those pretty nigga’s and master at opening 
space, pussy and ass but I can’t fuck everybody, although I give it my best 
proletarian effort. Pussy be following me around – all kinds. 
(End of the back story.) 
Not the back story cause nothing wrong with having a mutherfucker on their 
knee looking at the back. I mean the story that was under – wait, they can be 
under you to. I mean the story that help the story get told. 
Now I done set the joint – bar, up twice. 
I got a long neck in my hand and dancing to myself and feel this women bump 
me dancing. I smile.
“You not from around here are you.” 
“Fuck. She’s getting ready to put the move on me. Wonder how many kids she 
got and if she still on probation?” 
I’m dancing, smiling trying to play that shit off like nothing happened and 
notice that the fellows not looking at the dart board. I decide to dance my ass 
away from this crazy mutherfucker and notice she got real titties – not the 
Pamela Anderson doctor made ones – and shit – “look at the ass on this 
mutherfucker.” I am getting ready to get fucked up in this joint. 
A polite voice from the dart board area says, “You better not.” 
I feel a gentle hand on my arm. 
“Can you handle two of us, because nobody want to dance but you. They playing 
I’m grinning like Lenin, looking at all this good pussy and notice a short 
guy aiming a dart at me like I’m the board. 
“Damn Ain’t nobody playing darts anymore.”
I’m trying to dance my ass away from these two stupid broads but know they 
are trapping me in a circle. I read American history and know what it means when 
folks start rallying around the wagon. 
 “Baby don’t put the pussy on my arm with everyone looking.” 
I scream out in my loudest voice “set the fucking bar up on the new guy.” 
I break to the bar to pay the tab. That is when I see this Hershey chocolate 
bar looking mutherfucker. “Let’s dance baby.” 
Damn this mutherfucker got on a dress. The white girls breeze pass me. 
“You scared of pussy, wasn’t nobody going to kick your ass, they always act 
like that and then be laughing. We can handle them. You kind of stupid. Where 
you from Detroit or someplace?” 
I think to myself, “You stupid fucking . . . that is why a mutherfucker want 
to divorce y’all ass. Just cause a nigga make one mistake you thing you can 
play Jedi Knight mind games. You stupid . . . should have worn my Stalin jacket 
with all the medals. Jail bird mutherfucker won’t be talking all that shit 
then. I’ll pay your ass back the next time you need a ride to see your probation 
But that is how I ended up with a sissy in Texas. 
And the complexity of class, color and gender in real time. That is why Janet’
s breast and Lil Kim pussy is big. It is an attack in the ideological sphere. 
Wait a minute. Kim pussy ain’t big but probably real good and Janet’s breast 
ain’t small. 
Wait a minute. 
The pussy is good and the ass is fat and moving from breast to pussy is 
tricky. It is an acquired skill. 
Jedi Knight shit. 
Now the white guys act like they did not see Janet’s breast because this will 
cause their child support to be increased. If you abolish marriage and make 
the state be responsible for the economic health of everyone that includes the 
kids. No more wife on the back and four kids and no more child support. 
Communism mean if you want to, you can keep your whole check to yourself. 
Theory wins no wars. One acquires an intense power of observation. The more 
intense the power of observation the more people around you feels your logic. 
This is why it is just a matter of time before I’m fucking Janet Jackson. If 
you set the equation up wrong you lost, loss - lose. 
“After Janet Jackson meets me I am going to fuck her” is faulty logic and 
unworthy of modern communism. Lenin’s genesis is that he knew the women already 
wanted to take their clothes off in front of everyone. Janet already wants to 
fuck me but don’t know it because she has not met me yet. She has not met me 
because I have not hit her level. One must work systematically to reach a level 
- audience. That is why people that can’t stand my arrogant ass vote for me. 
See I’m gonna swing back and get both of those two mutherfuckers at the bar, 
after I get rid of this sissy next week or so before my wife get here. 
You think some of the comrades in Russia could get me a Lenin medal? The bou
rgeoisie in Russia will sell a mutherfucker anything they ready to buy. 
Vote for Lenin. 
Melvin P. 

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