[Marxism] RE: Further comment on the Natasha Trade

stolz stolz at left.ru
Sun Feb 29 13:56:44 MST 2004

Dear Jurriaan, I hate to say this but the biggest problem that any Western
Marxist runs into when s/he decides to opine on Russia or SU is not even that
s/he's blissfully ignorant of the Russian language but that s/he is serenely
confident that it is not important to know it.  This is why their otherwise
intellectually admirable judgments on my country almost always somehow smack
either of the bourgeois media they have to rely upon or on characters like
that savy friend of yours and his "Russian friends" who, I would not be
surprised, could well have taken the advantage of great deals available in
Moscow, not to mention the basement sale prices elsewhere outside of it.

I will ask Irina Malenko, who is our expert on this problem, to answer your
friend Alex on this list.

Incidentally, my sister, the physician of the 1 category (highest in medical
profession) earns in her Moscow hospital about $120 per month. 

Vadim Stolz 

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