[Marxism] Re.: Further comment on the Natasha Trade

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 29 15:00:36 MST 2004

I lived with a woman from Moscow for four years in the late 1970s. But
that was then.  Her grandmother was in Red Army, parachutist with
machine gun.  Did not like living in Kveens.  No friends her age here.
Moskva mach bettre.

Some time after Mashenka and I went our separate ways, Babulinka died.
The family invited me to sit shivas for her, even though Masha and I
were no longer a "couple."  It was because Babula loved me.  My throat
aches just remembering.  I have to blow my nose.  She was the one who
showed me how to skin garlic cloves.  But what kind of expertise does
that give me to opine on matters Russian?  Not from mind, but from

How many pielmenys, pirogis, zakuskis?  How many little glasses of
ice-cold vodka?  How many times I was told "Ochy Chorniy" was stupid old
song: cleeshay Krees!
But finally, we would sing it, eyes blinking and rolling for effect,
melodramatically, laughing,

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