[Marxism] Paul Sweezy

George Snedeker snedeker at concentric.net
Sun Feb 29 16:06:48 MST 2004

Paul Sweezy's writings were of course very important to the formation of a left intellectual culture in the U.S. but keeping Monthly Review in print for 65 years was equally important. just think of all of the articles and M.R. books we have all read over the years. there was a time when M.R. Books was the only real publisher of scholarly left books, except for Party publications. we can be thankful that now there are other publishers who are able to stay in business by publishing radical political, economic and social analyses of local and global issues. even main stream publishers now days have to publish books that they wouldn't touch with a ten foot poll 25 years ago. 

NEW STUDIES IN THE HISTORY AND CULTURE OF U.S. COMMUNISM, a book I co edited with Mike Brown, Randy Martin and Frank Rosengarten was published by M.R. in 1993. I doubt if another publisher would have seen a big enough market to invest in this book. the book has sold steadily over the years, but I doubt if it made M.R. any money. nevertheless, they have kept it in print. 

George Snedeker

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