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FF> Mr. Aristide flew from Haiti on a small jet that left Port-au-Prince
FF> at about 6:45 a.m, according to a United States official here, bound
FF> for the neighboring Dominican Republic.


Following events in Haiti have been personal, sad and painful. The 
multinational state of the United States of North America is utterly reactionary and we 
will learn to convince the American peoples there can be a better way of 
living. War and force is not the answer. 

Abolitionists on the side of the proletariat - the great unwashed, is the 
modern day communists and Aristide was a good man under difficult circumstance. I 
met him in 1980 in Detroit. The occasion was Detroit II: Liberation Theology. 
The theme was. "The God of the Oppressed."

My hand is always up for any assignment no matter how tough. One can reach a 
point in their life where there is nothing left for them but to do the right 
thing. Comrade Stalin said "we communists are a people of a special mold." We 
are of the great school of Lenin, with the ability to independently find our 
own bearing no matter how many sea changes and tidal waves. 

The heavy hitters were at the Conference, some who are the core of the black 
intellectual elite. Ben Chavis, Cornel West and several black women whose name 
escape me. I remember Yvonne Delks whose dad was a Bishop or something. As a 
member of the Communist Labor Party my assignments were always very simple: 
make contacts, recruit and fight to ensure that what ever program and direction 
comes out of the Conference get implemented. 

One can only lead people where they are all ready going. To hell with front 
groups, hidden agenda and phony socialist type policy. The Communist impulse 
springs from the productive forces and becomes crystallized in the minds of 

Although most of the comrades were anti-religion, we were not anticlerical 
and the most I am willing to ask a person is "what side is your God on?" This 
"political line" went perfect with people who espoused the "God of the 

We did well at the Conference and I did not limit myself to just the labor 
stuff, which advocated socialist polices for the workers. After the sessions we 
gathered in the home of one of the local preachers - some who always referred 
to us - the communists, as the new Saints. 

I'm sitting at the bar next to Ms. Delks, an attractive women staring at me 
uncomfortably. She is probably wondering how comes the saints in Detroit are 
communist and not Catholic - especially the black ones and then asked me. She 
would look me directing in the eye with a sadness in hers. "Is not the life of a 
communist spiritually empty?" "Do you read the Bible and have you ever read 
it?" "What drives your passion for people?" "What of your parents . . . did 
they believe." 

We talked for a while and had a couple of drinks. 

I told her the truth and explained Marx grand historical narrative the best 
one can at 28 years old. Her body language loosens up. Several times I would 
very slowly and deliberately embrace her left arm to reaffirm our humanity. 
After the second drink she start looking better than I had thought. We smiled and 
embraced, with her being stand offish at first. I pulled her body close to 
mine touching to establish our humanity because that is what win hearts and mind, 
She walked over to Cornel to ask him about our conversation because he had 
already explained that the communists in Detroit were very different. 

I am standing and feel the presence of someone over my shoulder. A gentle 
voice said,
"Don't turn around."

I relaxed without turning and smile to myself because I thought it was a 
comrade joking around. 

"I am from the most oppressed country on earth." 

"Yea right," is what I am thinking. "You sound like a nigga from around the 
corner that need a drink real bad." 

"No, I am from the most oppressed country on earth. Haiti." 

"They will kill me if they know I am talking to you." 

It was like a lighten bolt had hit me. I turned slightly and look at his face 
without smiling or sadness. Nodded.

He grabbed my arm as if lecturing in a very fatherly way. 

"We know of you in Detroit lets walk." 

"Do you know why many of us are in the Church?" 

"Well, people should have a right to freely worship." 


"The poverty is so intense that no one has food. Without food the brain does 
not properly develop and the Chruch has food and education. You cannot even 
educate the people right now. It is very bad. The rulers are evil men and that 
is why they will kill me for talking." 

"I am Aristide." 

I looked at his collar and face and tears swelled up in my eyes because my 
heart understood truth. We talked for about forty minutes and he explained I was 
the only one he had spoken to because the police spies and assassins were 
every where. 

"You eyes told me I could talk to you." 

Later in the evening I talk back with Yvonne and Cornel and she siad "you are 
the only one he talked to." 

I did not think about the meeting of fate/faith until years later when 
General Baker told me he had just become President. General said "you remember him 
don't you?" 

"No, why should I." 

"He was the priest - the guy in the collar form Haita you were talking to at 
Detroit II." 

During the history of capital there have been many good men of immense faith 
that have perished in the dungeon chambers of the bourgeoisie. A proletarian 
policy means abolitionists on the side of the proletarians. 

A very humble and gentle man taught me a lesson I shall never forget. Theory 
debate is one thing and all right. The secret is doing what is in front of 

Haiti still remains one of the most oppressed country on earth.

Melvin P. 

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