[Marxism] re:Peace in Haiti: Pax Americana

Ren modernity22 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 29 21:51:19 MST 2004

The first time Aristide was deposed, he went on the
Today Show and sounded like a broken record,
repititiously telling Katie Couric that he expected
the U.S. to return him to power. 

The U.S. did, unfortunately for him, a different
administration chose not to bail his ass out this

--- "M. Junaid Alam" <junaidalam at msalam.net> wrote:
> Well all that aside, what the heck was Aristide
> doing this whole time, 
> jerking off? Really a pathetic spectacle, he put up
> _no_ resistance at 
> all, not even in rhetoric, and simply fled. Makes
> Saddam look like Che 
> Guevara.
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