[Marxism] re:Peace in Haiti: Pax Americana

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 29 22:15:31 MST 2004

"simply fled"
Let's not count our chickenshits before they're hatched.
Seems he might have been spirited out of the country by force.

[this is not to admit that I worship John "The Gone" Aristide.  But ad
hominem fixations are beside the point in imperialist adventures, except
as excuses.  Better to examine what Aristide's government did, tried to
do, how it was sabotaged, by whom, etc., and to compare and contrast
such determined facts with the outcome of the new order.  Ah, a
socioeconomic laboratory!  What fun!  Experimentation on human subjects,
a whole society!  We've seen enough results in the history of similar
overthrows that we should be prepared for a bloody purge, expect the
reinstatement of imperialist financial prerogatives, and witness the
reduction of Haiti once again to overt colonial status.]

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