[Marxism] The crusade against Ralph Nader continues...

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Thu Jul 1 05:47:02 MDT 2004

(The liberal crusade against Ralph Nader continues unabated despite the 
victory of David "Kerry" Cobb. This is from salon.com, a wretched online 
publication that serves as a tag-team partner for the Nation Magazine in 
policing the left.)

The dark side of Ralph Nader
He's made a career of railing against corporate misdeeds. Yet he himself 
has abused his underlings, betrayed close friends and ruled his 
public-interest empire like a dictator.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
By Lisa Chamberlain

July 1, 2004  |  Ralph Nader spent his 70th birthday with Bill Maher on 
his HBO show "Real Time," where Maher pressed him on exactly what his 
controversial fourth presidential campaign will contribute to the 
national debate. Nader repeated once again that he's the only candidate 
not beholden to "corporate America."

While Nader's legacy as a consumer advocate is unparalleled, it is worth 
noting that the onetime national hero wasn't celebrating his landmark 
birthday surrounded by the hundreds of people he has worked with and 
influenced over four decades. Indeed, virtually no one who worked with 
him since the heady days of Nader's Raiders is supporting him 
politically or personally today. He has inspired almost no loyalty and 
instead has alienated many of his closest associates. Yet this is not a 
new phenomenon, the result of his ruinous campaign for president in 
2000, but a long-festering and little-known antipathy that dates back to 
his earliest days as a public figure.



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