[Marxism] Re: Argentine and Brazilian troops in Haiti

gdunkel at mindspring.com gdunkel at mindspring.com
Thu Jul 1 06:52:44 MDT 2004

Fred Feldman wrote

> I am opposed to Brazil and Argentina moving troops into Haiti, but I
> think we should be alert to the fact that this does not have to be a
> straightup continuation of the US-French occupation which removed
> Aristide and installed his rightist, U.S.-sponsored opponents. 

I think it is important to look at the response of Haitians to the presence 
of Argentinian and Brazilian troops.  From what I've heard and read, they 
look on it as a "straightup continuation" of support for an illegal and 
violent occupation.  In the words of Ben Dupuy, the editorial director of 
Haïti-Progrès and secretary general of the National Popular Party, they 
are a "Third World veil to hide the continuing U.S. control." 

The U.S. is also freighting the bill.

And the U.S. Marines aren't gone -- when Fanmi Lavalas organized a 
large protest march on the presidential palace in Port-au-Prince on June 
16, the press discovered it was still being guarded by Marines.

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