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> I think it is important to look at the response of Haitians to the 
presence of Argentinian and Brazilian troops.  From what I've heard 
and read, they look on it as a "straightup continuation" of support 
for an illegal and violent occupation.  In the words of Ben Dupuy, 
the editorial director of Haïti-Progrès and secretary general of the 
National Popular Party, they are a "Third World veil to hide the 
continuing U.S. control." 

Yes, this may well look like that, and it is not impossible that it 
_is_ like that.  But Fred's cautious approach is more sensible, IMHO, 
than taking the declarations of a politician, however progressive 
s/he may be, for an "opinion of the Haitian people" that is till to 
be made by experience and actual development of facts on the terrain.
> The U.S. is also freighting the bill.

Not in the case of Arg troops.  In fact, one of the reasons for 
opposition by the third bloc of diputados (representatives, commons) 
in the National Congress, was that this will not only put Arg lives 
in risk for no reason that would consult Arg interests, AND that we 
shall have to pay every cent of it.

As to Marines still remaining there, well, it will be a very 
interesting thing to see what shall the UNO Lat.Am. command do with 
them.  This will be a first signal.

gdunkel may well be right.  I am not optimistic myself.  But I also 
believe that we should be very cautious and keep our anathemas for 
the moment of truth, which has not arrived yet.  Most Haïtians may 
ignore where and what is Argentina or even Brazil, so that it is very 
probable that they will take on these newcomers the same attitude one 
takes on a new animal species appearing in the kitchen.  Maybe it is 
harmful, and we shall fight it; but maybe it is an ant-eater, and we 
may then adopt it.

Nobody has begun to eat ants in Haïti, as yet.

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