[Marxism] The Green Party's political suicide

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Thu Jul 1 12:58:29 MDT 2004

Hmm, starting to feel a bit sarky here after getting home from working all
day in my new job (what do you mean, you're home ?). Perhaps Pat LaMarche
thinks that "a vote for Kerry is a vote for herself" ? And of course we
could reinterpret the sermon on the mount a little with some imagination, to
find new meaning in life (after all, that is what christianism is all about
these days), as follows:

"You have heard that it was said, 'Thou shallt love your neighbor and hate
your enemy.' But I say to thee, Love thy enemies, and vote for those who
persecute thee, so that thou may be daughters of thy God who is in heaven;
for He rains down on the evil and on the good alike, and sends sun on the
just as on the unjust."

If that doesn't turn you on, maybe we could also work in some kind of Janis
Joplin theme here, to bring out the message really clearly (with pipe organs
and violins):

Try, try, try just a little bit harder
So I can love, love, love him, I tell myself
'cause I'm gonna try, oh yeah, just a little bit harder
So I won't lose, lose, lose him to nobody else, yeah.

If all that fails to secure a Kerry win, the Greens could always opt for a
new rendering of the old drama of Cain and Abel.

Let us all remember meantime though an important message by President Bush -
"you must always remember to eat your vegetables". Yeah. Amen. Looks like
it's lentils for dinner here.

You've seen lesser evil politics. Now it's welcome to the brave new world of
spoiler politics USA, where the game is to gamble on how fast you can give
it away. You don't want to play ? Spoilsport !

Think I will have a shower first now though. It is supposed to help against
nightmares where you feel you are drowning in maple syrup.


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