[Marxism] From Paul Buhle

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jul 1 14:18:04 MDT 2004

I sent him my revisionist views (at least in terms of Trotskyist 
orthodoxy) on the Robert Lafollette and Henry Wallace campaigns, which 
was prompted by a discussion we were having about FDR and the left. It 
prompted this interesting observation:

I might have commented on this third party piece last time around: old 
Art Shields, then a mere 94 and a CP lifer (their best journalist during 
some decades, an old friend of Mother Jones, etc), observed that of all 
the friggin errors ever made by the CPUSA, for him the very worst was 
not supporting LaFollette in '24 because a rural Left might have been in 
place for the Crash and Depression, thus a farmer-labor movement of huge 
proportions possible. Impossible to say, of course. But the best 
argument against FDR is the way that patronage wiped out the various 
regional parties, and what they didn't do, Truman did via repression.


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