[Marxism] NZ ruling class

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Thu Jul 1 15:54:03 MDT 2004

The new NZ Rich List is out today.

I was watching some stuff about it on 'Breakfast TV' this morning.
Deborah Hill Cone of the National Business Review, which compiles the
list, said the past year had been a really good one for getting rich
(god bless Labour!).

Even though the NBR have raised the bar - last year you only had to have
$15 million to make the list, this year you have to have $25 million -
there were a lot of new entries.

The combined wealth of the people on the list is now $23.1 billion.  

I recall that the last figures we used in the Anti-Capitalist Alliance
involved the increase from $15.6 bn to $18.4 bn.  This may have been the
increase from 2002 to 2003 or the year   If so, then the rate of
increase has actually speeded up quite a bit. Again, god bless Labour.

Graeme Hart is still the richest, now "worth" $1.4 bn.  The Todds are
still the richest family.

One of the things Hill Cone mentioned was the "uncomfortable rich",
people who don't lead lives that would identify them as rich and who may
be a bit uncomfortable about having millions.  She named three people in
this category - Nicky Hager, Sue Kedgley and Laila Harre.  Laila Harre
is a leading figure in the Alliance party and a former government
minister (she held the portfolios of Women's Affairs and Youth Affairs),
Sue Kedlgey is a Green MP, and Nicky Hager is an independent
anti-nuclear and anti-GE researcher.


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