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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jul 2 06:47:59 MDT 2004

 From my favorite film critic on the Internet, next to myself.

Fahrenheit 9/11
I ask in all seriousness: where the fuck are their balls?
Given the amount of controversy this film has generated, it seems wrong 
to attack it with the usual Mr. Cranky disdain, rather than addressing 
some of the issues it raises and leting the members of our little online 
community debate them.

Ironically, I attended a lecture given by Paul Roberts recently. He 
wrote a book called "The End of Oil". Though I haven't read the book, 
one of the points he made was that Saudi Arabia provides the United 
States with more oil than any other country. According to Yahoo, that's 
about 17.8%. Roberts explained that if the Saudi regime were replaced by 
a one hostile to the U.S., or if terrorists attacked Saudi Arabian oil 
facilities, either resulting in the elimination of Saudi Arabian oil 
from the U.S. economy, there would be an energy crisis in this country 
like we have never seen. So, whether we like it or not, it's in our 
country's best interest right now to be friendly to Saudi Arabia.

One of the arguments of Michael Moore's film is that George Bush and 
most of his administration has compromised the security of the United 
States because they are so beholden to Saudi Arabian interests. The Bush 
family's own wealth is directly tied to the Saudis. Furthermore, the 
Bush family has also bedded down with the Bin Ladens, being that they 
too are Saudis and their wealth is generated from oil. When Osama Bin 
Laden attacked the United States on September 11th and George Bush 
responded by jacking up military spending, he increased the wealth of 
Osama Bin Laden because Bin Laden (and Saudi Arabia) are investors in 
the major United States defense contractors.

While this is obviously a salient point, what exactly is the alternative 
to being friendly with Saudi Arabia? Based on the fact that 15 of the 19 
terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, ignorant members of the Left suggest 
that the object of our hatred and military might should have been Saudi 
Arabia and not Iraq. To say this suggestion is foolish is a mild 
understatement. While I firmly believe that George Bush is a colossal 
dickhead, suggesting that his family could have possibly known that 
their relationship with the Saudis would have turned into the fiasco we 
face now is to ask them to predict the future. George W. Bush can barely 
form a coherent sentence. I don't think he'd be able to predict the 
future. If anybody were paying attention, the goal of the Bush 
administration in Iraq is completely clear: they are trying to create a 
country based on the Saudi model. They want a friendly leadership so 
that they get at Iraq's oil. Given our tenuous foothold in the Arab 
world, the Saudi regime's relationship with its own people, and our 
country's ability to suck oil from the world like a kid sticking a straw 
in a Slurpee, this isn't the worst idea.

There's also another particularly interesting point made in Moore's film 
about the Democrats. Regardless of the outcome, the situation in Florida 
during our last presidential election was a mockery of our constitution. 
It's simply a fact that the state was won by Bush due to Republican 
efforts that prevented voters unlikely to cast votes in his direction 
from voting. Most of those voters were black. Moore shows us the scene, 
Al Gore presiding over a joint session of Congress, as black 
Congressperson after black Congressperson try to oppose the validation 
of the election. Each gives a speech, but failing to have their 
objection signed by only 1 Senator, they are forced to leave the podium. 
Sorry, but the thought that went through my mind was this: Where was 
John Kerry? Frankly, where was any Democrat during this whole thing?

Our Democratic leadership in this country is a loose conglomeration of 
ball-less fucks. It's easy for the Left to be outraged by George W. Bush 
and the Republicans, but in many ways, the target of much of their 
hatred ought to be directed at the Democrats and their weak leadership. 
With these gutless weasels forming the agenda for the so-called "Left" 
in this country, it really is no surprise that so many people are voting 
Republican. Democrats simply don't believe in anything, don't stand up 
for anything, and there's really nothing Americans despise more than 
somebody who won't take a stand. That's why George W. Bush, despite his 
lack of intelligence, is so well liked. Despite all his failings (and 
there are many), at least he stands for something. At least he went 
after somebody (even if it was the wrong person). At least he tried. 
Meanwhile, there's John Kerry who voted for the Iraq invasion and then 
pulled his support and now can't seem to utter a complete sentence 
without changing his position on something. You know, take gay marriage 
for instance. Everybody knows that Kerry, if he truly is a liberal, 
supports gay marriage, but he can't say that he does because he thinks 
it'll kill his campaign (which it very well might). Yet that's precisely 
the thing that's killing the Democrats right now -- they won't stand up 
and say they believe in anything. They don't seem to have a message. I 
ask in all seriousness: where the fuck are their balls (with apologies 
to the female Dems)?

Having said all this, it's absolutely disgusting that George W. Bush 
supporters won't address the points made in Michael Moore's film because 
they aren't simply fairy tales. They just do what Dick Cheney did in the 
Senate the other day and scream "go fuck yourself" a lot. Frankly, the 
Democrats do pretty much the same thing. There's no longer political 
debate in this country, there's just name-calling. There's no longer 
investigative journalism in this country, just sound-bites, 
sensationalism, and headlines.

Now, whose fault is this? I'll tell you: it's ours. You and me and 
everyone. We have got to be among the most ignorant and selfish people 
on the face of the planet and we have got in our political system and 
our President exactly what we deserve. As a country, we have utter 
disdain for everything and everyone. It's me first and fuck everyone 
else and that attitude is perfectly represented in our political system. 
We are the greediest, most conceited people on the face of the Earth and 
we spread our attitudes like a cancer.

Our politicians perfectly mirror this fact. They are the richest of the 
rich. George Bush is a rich scumbag whose only interest in the world is 
creating more wealth for himself and his friends. I'd like not to say 
the same thing about John Kerry, but um, he's rich too, super-rich. 
Anyone with that much money has some serious skeletons in their closet 
and no matter whether they're on the right or the left, their political 
opponents are always going to be able to dig up dirt.

Until a viable middle class candidate rises up and challenges our 
current system corporate favoritism, there will always be a plentiful 
supply of Michael Moores and Ann Coulters to spew bile back and forth 
across the political fence.


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