[Marxism] re: AFL denounces Million Worker March

Mike Friedman mikedf at mail.amnh.org
Fri Jul 2 09:35:26 MDT 2004

This is the most eloquent explanation I've yet heard as to why the 
Democratic Party is the graveyard of social movements. By the AFL-CIO 
leadership, no less! Sweeney should be made an honorary comrade...

At 01:53 PM 7/1/2004, you wrote:
>"While we may agree with many of the aims and issues of the March,  the AFL-
>CIO is NOT a co-sponsor of this effort and we will not be  devoting resources
>or energies toward mobilizing demonstrations this  fall. ä
>  "We think it is absolutely crucial that we commit the efforts of our  labor
>movement to removing George W. Bush from office.

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