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About Us

Here at The Liscio Report we do all our own research and writing, do not 
manage other people's money or receive any form of commission, and are 
beholden to no one but our subscribers and ourselves. We bring fresh 
perspectives to the data we analyze and are confident taking positions 
contrary to consensus when our proprietary data tells us to do so. 
Although our report is under press embargo until after the relevant data 
is released, our insights are regularly picked up in Barron's, CNBC, and 
other publications. Additionally, we make occasional television 
appearances (most recently on CNBC and Bill Moyers), and were ranked by 
MSN Money in the top five of their annual "Best of the Best" Awards.

Philippa Dunne and Douglas Henwood were John Liscio's closest associates 
and, since John's untimely death in 2000, are honored to be carrying on 
the research techniques he pioneered when he established The Liscio 
Report on the international scene in 1992.

Philippa Dunne

Philippa Dunne was hired by John Liscio in 1996 to work on special 
projects, and in 1997 began full-time work as the "research department," 
specifically to develop her own set of states for our monthly surveys of 
state tax collections and to handle the burgeoning demands of The Liscio 

She graduated from University of California and has a Master's Degree 
from Wesleyan University. A musician by training, in previous lives she 
has performed widely and taught at a number of colleges and private 
institutions, done research and writing for the Office of Ray and 
Charles Eames in California and for the American Museum of Natural 
History in New York, and, true to her name, worked in stables exercising 
steeplechasers. She lives in New York with her husband and son.

Douglas Henwood

While working toward his PhD in English at the University of Virginia, 
Doug returned to his earlier interest, the dismal science, and by the 
mid-1980s was regularly writing about the world economy with special 
attention to finance and the labor markets.

He caught the attention of John Liscio and as the "resident wise man" he 
crunched stats and analyzed them for John from the report's very first 
days. A widely recognized economic analyst, Doug has given talks at 
venues all over the U.S. and abroad as well. He's also frequently quoted 
or cited in the media, including newspapers ranging from The Asia Times 
to the New York Times to the Times of London

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