[Marxism] Skewering "Fahrenheit 9/11"

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Fri Jul 2 11:59:46 MDT 2004

"Paul H. Dillon" wrote:
>    hey Jerry Springer is the daily bread of the
> American working class)

I have no particular quarrel with most of your post, but this casual
clause is seriously defective, by implying a false conception of class
under capitalism. The U.S. working class constitutes somewher between
%80 to 90% of the population, and Jerry Springer hardly appeals to
_that_ large an audience.

Class is in any case process and relation, not a set of pigeon holes,
into which you can sort individuals as though you were sorting green,
pink, and purple marbles. One of the important contributions to
capitalist ideology of (weberian influenced) academic sociology has been
promulgation of the assumption that "class analysis" is a sorting
process. One describes an individual and according to that description
plunks him/her into a tin can labelled "underclass," "managerial class,"
"professional class," "white collar class," "middle class," "upper
middle class," etc. And that is the assumption that makes sense of the
quoted clause on jerry springer & his audience.


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