[Marxism] Skewering "Fahrenheit 9/11"

M. Junaid Alam junaidalam at msalam.net
Fri Jul 2 13:29:13 MDT 2004

"To judge class in purely economic terms doesn't help. We must, I 
believe, separate according to allegiance and not merely position in 
relation to the mode of production."

Definitely, man. It's beyond absurd to say Jerry Springer isn't popular 
in the working-class because, oh, the working-class is everyone but the 
capitalists, so it's 90% of the population, and 90% of the population 
doesn't watch Jerry Springer. This is the kind of sad foray into formal 
logic that contains nothing logical at all.

Just because someone works for a living doesn't necessarily mean jack 
shit. Look at C. Hitchens! Hell, look at Ronald Reagan and his snitching 
way back when.

Consciousnessness isn't derived from the fact that you produce surplus 
value. It depends in what conditions you work, what you do at your work, 
your income level, your role in society, and then your skin 
color/nationality/own experience. People who don't understand this basic 
fact end up with all kind of melodramatic hubris about how the 
revolution was "tragically betrayed" by this group or that group at the 
final or decisive hour.

An honest assessment of reality demands a clear understanding that any 
revolution in the United States will necessarily entail the greatest 
civil war in the history of mankind. Because you aren't going to 
convince every Joe Proletarian Six-Pack that thumping the bible, lining 
up behind the Pres., and scanning under your bed for Bin Laden isn't a 
"way of life" worth defending - or living.

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