[Marxism] Mr. Cranky reviews Fahrenheit 9/11

Paul H. Dillon illonph at pacbell.net
Fri Jul 2 15:23:48 MDT 2004

  Right on!  His movie does emPOWER people because it shows them things that
they can see were censored and that they feel they should have know about.
He shows how the ruling elites have BETRAYED the people


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  > there are people out there trying to resist the pro-rich agendas of both
  > bourgeois political parties. why don't you get involved?
  > you're right, americans have been turned from citizens into consumers,
  > possess a level of political education and/or awareness which is
  > michael moore's film has helped to raise a little consciousness, which
surely can
  > only be a good thing. in a landscape of bland conformity, his work
  > out. of course, we on the far Left, would like to go further and attack,
not just
  > this particular govt, but the system of govt. we do that now but nobody
  > listens, because they're not read y to listen. moore's film is a first
step, not a
  > last step, and allied to a deterioration in people's material
conditions, more
  > and more will begin asking questions and looking for new anwers to those
  > questions.
  > even the mainstream american media is beginning to probe in a way
  > this time last year.
  > some on the Left - and i count myself amongst them - actually think it
  > be better in the long run if Bush were to be re-elected for a second
  > this would have the effect of increasing resistance, especially within
the US,
  > and result in more and more disillusionment...ingredients which are
fodder for
  > any anti-capitalist party, organization and/or movement.
  > kerry and the democrats present more of a danger to social and economic
  > justice than the republicans. people actually believe that they are more
  > people-friendly and oriented towards the plight of the poor and
minorities, even as
  > their history reveals otherwise.
  > the best thing about moore's film is portrayal of the democrats
  > the members of the black congressional caucus when they attempted to
appeal the
  > republican victory in 2000. moore depicts them for what they truly
  > are...namely members of the same ruling class who, when it comes to it,
hold interests
  > and an agenda identical to the republicans. only the approach differs.
  > faction of this ruling class wants power so they can line the pockets of
  > sponsors and corporate backers. i think moore came close to exposing
that. he
  > also exposed the international dimension to the struggle, how the super
  > around the world are inter linked.
  > i think many who go to see it will come out with a seed of consciousness
  > was absent before.
  > michael moore has struck the first blow for the left against the ruling
  > in many years. he deserves our compliments.
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