[Marxism] Skewering "Fahrenheit 9/11"

Paul H. Dillon illonph at pacbell.net
Fri Jul 2 16:24:57 MDT 2004

  Ian,  you wrote,

  >I've read suggest the following conclusion: any critique (like
  > that of Moore's) that can't posit some plausible alternative will itself
  > an exercise in vanity and self-delusion, fodder for faux-progressives
  > want their consciences cleared but actually have a vested interest in
  > nothing changing.

  I totally disagree, the negation is one moment of the process that doesn't
ever require the positing of anything at all.  I think people on the left
need to realize just how out of touch we are.  It's as though we had some
plausible alternative to offer which we clearly don't.  As such we can
assume that the "revolutionary" process in America is still waiting to here
the "on your mark" words.  At such moment of the process, a strong critique
of the status quo that awakens, or at least calls the attention of, millions
of people who the Left has just not been able to reach since the 1930s, such
a critique is more valuable than any proposed alternatives that noone pays
attention to except the people who author them.  A marxist view would hold
that only the awakened masses could ever propose an alternative anyway.  It
is ludicrous to suppose that anyone on the left today represents the
crystalization of the awakened consciousness of Americans who have nothing
to sell but their own labor power.


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