[Marxism] Skewering "Fahrenheit 9/11"

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Fri Jul 2 16:41:12 MDT 2004

"Paul H. Dillon" wrote:
>   I totally disagree, the negation is one moment of the process that doesn't
> ever require the positing of anything at all.  I think people on the left
> need to realize just how out of touch we are.  It's as though we had some
> plausible alternative to offer which we clearly don't.  As such we can
> assume that the "revolutionary" process in America is still waiting to here
> the "on your mark" words.  At such moment of the process, a strong critique
> of the status quo that awakens, or at least calls the attention of, millions
> of people who the Left has just not been able to reach since the 1930s, such
> a critique is more valuable than any proposed alternatives that noone pays
> attention to except the people who author them.  A marxist view would hold
> that only the awakened masses could ever propose an alternative anyway.  It
> is ludicrous to suppose that anyone on the left today represents the
> crystalization of the awakened consciousness of Americans who have nothing
> to sell but their own labor power.

It's been years since I wrote a mere echo in a post. But I totally
agree. I have been arguing this for years on various lists, and it is
astounding how little understanding there is of the power of the
negative. Only at a rather late stage in a revolutionary (or even a
serious mass reform) struggle do positives begin to emerge within the


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