[Marxism] Skewering "Fahrenheit 9/11"

Ian Pace ian at ianpace.com
Fri Jul 2 16:59:32 MDT 2004

> Ian Pace wrote:
> >
> > >> I'm basically in sympathy, but would you consider the possibility
that in
> > some ways Kerry might be worse? Or at least no better, but more adept at
> > selling the same policies with liberal pretensions (exactly what has
> > happened in the UK under Blair)?
> >
Carrol Cox> Not only consider it as a possibility but suspect it is the
> truth. But as I said in the original post, that is something we will
> begin to deal with next January.
> Probably we'll have an easier time persuading people that the both
> parties are fucked up if the DP is in power, but that is not a good
> enough reason to actually campaign or vote for the pricks.
Very true, and that's also how a reactionary Labour government in the UK has
persuaded people of this. However, that has led to a resurgence in support
for the far-right British National Party (though on the other hand the far
left have had a bit of a new honeymoon due to their organisation of the Stop
the War movement). Same happened in the 1970s - it was under a Labour
government that we saw the far-right National Front's popularity rise. This
worries me deeply.


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