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Mine Doyran mine.doyran at verizon.net
Sat Jul 3 05:27:49 MDT 2004

Sorry to say this but what a ridicilous piece of response from Gilles D'

What a big deal if people make their own blogs? There are more important
issues to discuss. Why to waste time on the use of blogs?

If this is all an issue of "commodifying masturbation",  isn't your web
publication "swans" a commodity at all? Don't you control the content of
your page?


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> Please don't do it. Just because it is here to stay does not mean that
> one should embrace the trend. This atomization is bringing us all to the
> lowest common denominator, the self -- an old ploy to divide us
> further. This may be the latest game of the day, but it's still a game,
> an exercise in democracy. We do not have to play it, however.
> How many blogs can one read every day?
> You know this better than I do: The more you dilute -- atomize -- the
> more you control... The obvious question is: Who's in control?
> Not you. Not me.
> This said, I apologize to you and the list for my emotional outburst.
> Put it, belatedly, on our current move and the consequent stress it
> occasions.
> (For those who do not get the meaning of "masturbization," let me just
> say it has to do with commodifying masturbation, mind and youth
> included.)
> Best,
> Gilles
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