[Marxism] Bruce Anderson Skewers the Greens

M. Junaid Alam junaidalam at msalam.net
Sat Jul 3 08:10:40 MDT 2004


  News from Ecotopia

  The Cheney-Leahy Metaphor and the Greens


Considered as a metaphor for the political times we share, last week's 
Cheney-Leahy episode is perfect. Cheney, a Republican, tells Leahy, a 
Democrat, to go fuck himself. Instead of Leahy planting one on Cheney's 
lop-sided head, Leahy runs outside and neener-neeners to the media, "The 
Vice-President of the United States just told me to go fuck myself. I 
think it's inappropriate." Cheney then goes on Sunday morning's dead 
white man talk shows to gloat about what a tough guy he is for telling 
Leahy to go fuck himself. Leahy goes on the same shows for more 
blubbering about the "inappropriateness" of being told to go fuck 
himself. Like most of US, I wish they'd all go fuck themselves instead 
of US, but ...

Of course auto-eroticism's national champs are the Greens. Nobody even 
has to suggest that they go fuck themselves. If it even looks like there 
might be a fight with real power, the Greens begin fucking them-selves.


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