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These are my last comments on blogging and I expect this discussion to end
for now.

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> Mine Doyran wrote:
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> > What a big deal if people make their own blogs? There are more
> > important issues to discuss. Why to waste time on the use of blogs?
> Blogging is a phenomenon with deep social and cultural implications.
> Issues such as singular vs plural, self vs collective, whether it's a
> democratic tool compared to wikis for instance (see freezope.org),
> the practical consequences on a Listserv like this one, etc. deserve
> careful examination.

I don't see the "practical consequences" of a blog on Marxmail or any other
mailing list. Blog is a place where people express their opinions. It is an
instrument of self-expression, which has costs to the individual involved,
not to anybody. This is not an issue of "singular" versus some higher
"collective". Such a division does not make sense. There is no political
correctness involved in blogging.

> I control the content of what I write, but exercise very little control on
> the content written by other authors.

You are overreacting. Blogs do not exercise control either. They are a way
of self-expression. Actually, unlike other web publications, blogs are free
and can be less commodifiying in that sense.

>Ask any regular contributors
> (Louis et al.) about Swans' motus operandi.

I don't value swans that much because it is a web publication and not very
scholarly for my taste. On the other hand, I asked other people about Swans
"motus operandi" and they don't share your impression.

And really why don't we just cut this useless discussion?  I have other
things to do.


> Best,
> Gilles
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