[Marxism] My blog

Gavin Walker gmwalker at sas.upenn.edu
Sat Jul 3 13:09:07 MDT 2004

What a bewildering, meaningless set of messages from Gilles.

You're intervening against the evils of a free place to put some 
writing online?

If you actually think this is indicative of the atomization of actors 
under capitalism or some other petty yahoo Marxisant drivel, you really 
need your head examined.

What's next, a vanguard intervention against the evils of paper, that 
cleverly destructive commodity that keeps people alone, reading, when 
they could be clasping comradely hands during self-criticism sessions?

Your logic basically says that because bad blogs exist, blogs as such 
are bad. It should be obvious that there's a big problem with the 
sequentiality of this argument.

Fight capitalism itself, not an online formatting system.

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