[Marxism] Miskito leaders seek independence at the Hague courts (2 & last)

Mike Friedman mikedf at mail.amnh.org
Sun Jul 4 08:05:01 MDT 2004

Actually, if Chavez plays his cards right, enough to offset the different 
international context, it could instead be the shadow of the '84 Nicaraguan 
election, which the FSLN ran as a popular mobilization and consultation 
(town-hall meetings, door-to-door canvassing, strong empowerment 
message...), and won, that hangs over Nicaragua. Of course Reagan rejected 
it as "fraudulent." (The '90 election was run as more of a traditional 
election campaign, with Ortega appearing under the slogan of the "fighting 
cock," driving around in a limousine and shaking hands, and with a strong 
paternalistic message directed at a more traditional electorate.) Chavez is 
in much better economic shape than the Sandinistas were in '90 and doesn't 
have a decade of devastating U.S. aggression behind him. Of course, this 
isn't the whole picture, but I'm hopeful for Chavez.


>The shadow of that 1990 Nicaraguan election certainly does
>hang over today's Venezuela, so the questions which were
>posed by Bendana are worth considering seriously and being
>responded to by more knowledgeable people than I am.

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