[Marxism] Fahrenheit 9/11

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sun Jul 4 16:18:11 MDT 2004

I'm just back from seeing the movie and wanted to register my sense that
all the criticisms made of the movie are pretty shallow and meaningless.
Those of us who are old enough should reflect for just a minute what
such a film might have meant for the Vietnam War had it appeared around
1965 or 1966.  His connecting of the obvious dots implicitly made the
media look like the public relations industry it is, but he made it
explicit enough where it should be.  Moore's closing statement about
class and hierarchy was exponentially more socialist than the public
agitation by most of the socialist left.  
We went to the first showing this Fourth of July in this
hyper-reactionary community.  The crowd was impressive and engaged
throughout the film.  Later showings looked as though they were going to
be close to a full house. 
Mark L.

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