[Marxism] Thai troops will begin withdrawal from Iraq

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Jul 4 17:04:23 MDT 2004

>From GISpecial2B10 Thomas F. Barton [thomasfbarton at earthlink.net]
Thailand Withdrawing Troops From Iraq
30/06/2004 ABC Asia Pacific TV / Radio Australia
Thailand will begin withdrawing military forces from Iraq Thursday.

The decision comes amid concerns over worsening security following the
official hand over of sovereignty.

South East Asia correspondent, Peter Lloyd, reports that Thailand was
touted by the US as one of the 'coalition of the willing' when it agreed
to send 450 engineer and medics on a one-year deployment last September.

Officials in Bangkok had been insisting the troops would see out their
mission, despite calls for them to withdraw after two Thai soldiers were
killed in a car bombing last December.
But now it has been announced that a phased withdrawal of military
hardware and some troops will start from Thursday. 

A Defence Ministry official said the decision did not reverse Thailand's
one-year commitment, but he refused to specify how many troops would
remain in Iraq until September.

Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra says Thai troops will be brought home
sooner if attacks on foreigners worsen.

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