[Marxism] On the cover of Time Magazine!

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Sun Jul 4 22:50:10 MDT 2004

Don't think this has much directly to do with profit as such, but rather
with the competency to rule. In Straussian logic, there are those fit to
rule and those that must be ruled. But if those who rule, aren't fit to
rule, there's a problem. Moore's main theme is that the rulers are "stupid
white men".

Profit may be the "bottom line", but it is not the only line. The expanded
reproduction of capital requires the satisfaction of many conditions which
are not directly related to profit. Consequently, it would be an error to
think, that it is all just a matter of profit, that's a caricature.

Frederick Engels once likened the state to the "ideal total capitalist"
which secured those functions and conditions for the perpetuation of
capitalist society which private capital could not, among other things
because of (1) the competition between private capitals, (2) the magnitudes
of capital required for those functions, (3) the nature of the functions
themselves (e.g. securing property rights). This should make clear that
profit is not the only consideration.


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