[Marxism] re: Fahrenheit 9/11

Mike Friedman mikedf at mail.amnh.org
Mon Jul 5 08:18:30 MDT 2004

I agree with the below, except for one thing: in the early part of the 
movie, Moore hammered away at the Saudis. I felt it might have detracted 
from the fault of our rulers and played somewhat to an anti-Arab sentiment.

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>I'm just back from seeing the movie and wanted to register my sense that
>all the criticisms made of the movie are pretty shallow and meaningless.
>Those of us who are old enough should reflect for just a minute what
>such a film might have meant for the Vietnam War had it appeared around
>1965 or 1966.  His connecting of the obvious dots implicitly made the
>media look like the public relations industry it is, but he made it
>explicit enough where it should be.  Moore's closing statement about
>class and hierarchy was exponentially more socialist than the public
>agitation by most of the socialist left.
>We went to the first showing this Fourth of July in this
>hyper-reactionary community.  The crowd was impressive and engaged
>throughout the film.  Later showings looked as though they were going to
>be close to a full house.
>Mark L.

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