[Marxism] Robert Jensen attack on Fahrenheit 9/11

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Mon Jul 5 10:43:59 MDT 2004

Moore's MO when putting together a film is to make it entertaining enough 
that people will go and see it. In this he's extremely successful, and clever, 
though it does entail drawing comedy out of people and/or situations which could 
be construed as insulting to the people involved. Jensen's point about 
Moore's belittling of the poor nations involved in Bush's 'Coalition of the Willing' 
are correct. Moore, in depicting the ludicrous nature of this coalition, 
resorted to sterotypical and racist images of the Third World. Leaving Britain of 
this particular segement (inexplicable to me) seemed only to emphasize a 
disdain for the nations involved.

However, Moore has never declared himself either a Marxist or an 
Internationalist, as far as I know. He has, in fact, always presented himself as an 
American patriot, in the tradition of those other American mavericks - Tom Paine and 
Henry David Thoreau. I know he enjoyed a stint as editor of Mother Jones, but 
given some of the content therein, that doesn't indicate the heart of a 
revolutionary either.

Moore's movies are made for those with little or no political awareness or 
consciousness. His talent is the ability to get such an audience to engage with 
otherwise difficult material, which he can only do by injecting humor into his 
movies, which I think, ultimately, is where his depiction of those Third 
World countries came in. 

Given the film's overall message and effectiveness in delivering that 
message, I think on this occasion, any critique of Michael Moore on the far-left is 
petty and pedantic. None of us think he's God, or Lenin or Marx. And hopefully 
as things progress and we move closer to a revolutionary period, there will be 
no more need for people like Moore. That said, at this moment in history, 
he's appeared as the most effective and potent weapon we have against a conscious 
ruling class, which has done such a good job of controlling the media, and as 
such the consciousness of the masses, there seems little hope of any 

Long live Michael Moore! 

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