[Marxism] A real estate bubble?

Scotlive at aol.com Scotlive at aol.com
Mon Jul 5 10:59:05 MDT 2004

Smash the Federal Reserve and Smash Capitalism!!

Your long analysis of Greenspan's performance was more suited to Forbes 
Magazine than to a Marxist discusision group. All this talk of recovery and 
employment figures, of interest rates, misses the point.

Low wage, casual employment, without benefits, is anti-human. The figures and 
stats which you spout one after the other reduces, by definition, millions of 
human beings to nothing more than economic units. They are not.

Capitalism only produces chaos and misery for the vast majority: the chaos of 
overproduction, unemployment, boom and bust, and war. The alienation and 
poverty it creates leads to crime, alcoholism, drug addiction and the break up of 
families on a huge scale.

Its irrational nature in a technologically advanced society acts as a fetter 
on production, inhibits innovation, and wastes resources, human and natural, 
to an astounding degree. 

Greenspan, and every other Capitalist manager, is an enemy of humanity. Lets 
not talk about economic growth and ustainability under such an egregious 
system. Lets talk about wealth distribution and poverty; about the widening gap 
between rich and poor; about the impact of such a system on people's lives.

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