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On Mon, 05 Jul 2004 13:50:42 -0300 "Nestor Gorojovsky"
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> > Isn't the Russian Communist Party suffering in part because
> > Putin has stolen much of their thunder?  I am not
> > sure that are any great programmatic differences between
> > Putin and the Communists.
> There are almost none.  In the end, and in a sense, we are 
> witnessing 
> still one more debate between bureaucrats.  But there is a single 
> weighty and _material_ difference.
> It is Putin, not the CP, who is restoring the Russian State.  

Precisely.  If one looked at the respective programs of Putin
and the CP would be hard put to find any real differences between
them. Both talk about supporting a market economy for Russia,
about reining in the oligarchs, supporting small business,
preserving at least some of the social safety net that was
built up during the Soviet era and so on.

Putin, unlike the CP, has been in a position where he has
actually been able to deliver on at least some of these
promises. In which case, who needs the CP?
As I recall, Mark Jones in some of his last posts was giving
Putin, at least grudging credit for having restored the
Russian state, and of starting a process in which some
of the depredations that occured under Yeltsin were
being partially reversed.

> This may be difficult to understand when you live in a country where 
> the State is a datum (even a hated datum), where -say- firemen, 
> teachers, medical systems, the post office, and all those trifle 
> things that make life possible work.  But when you have been pushed 
> down to the bottom line in a hellhole, you somehow feel that the guy 
> who restores the State is helping you.  This is what happens with 
> the Russian people today.  
> What follows may certainly be termed Hegelian.  I don't have the 
> data 
> handy to make it Marxist, that is: concrete and material.  But I 
> would suggest some general lines which those actually interested in 
> digging for the truth.
> Look at the whole issue from the point of view of the _existence_ of 
> the Socio-economic formation we know as "Russia".
> If we think from this point of view, today the Communist Party is 
> _unnecessary_.  It _was, or would have been_ necessary if the 
> "Russian Formation" was (had been) leading a global revolution.  
> Without this revolution, and in a long process that lasted almost a 
> century, the old Great Russian State -which, however horribly, at 
> least kept that Formation alive as such Formation- has kept _itself_ 
> somehow alive amidst a nightmare of storms and wars, through the 
> revolutionary efforts of 1917-23, the bureaucratic struggles and 
> groups of 1923-56(?), the left social-democrat bureaucracy(?) of 
> 1956-
> 1989, was in danger of dilution under the proimperialist reaction of 
> Yeltsin, and is now impersonated in Putin, the arch-representation 
> of 
> the State, the former spy, the NKVD man.  That simple.
> The CP failed in defending it during the attack on the White House 
> which put an end to what remained of workers' power in the fSU.  And 
> has not recovered since.  Not because they did not want to recover, 
> nor because they did not want to bring the power to Soviets again.  
> The fact is, they had shot their own foot long ago, when they put 
> the 
> survival of the "Russian Formation" above and somehow against the 
> struggle for an international socialist revolution.

The CP since 1993 has been presenting itself as little
more than a left social-democratic/nationalist party but
since Putin, as president, has actually been able to
implement policies that at least appear to be nationalist
and social democratic then what need is there anymore
for the CP?

> Russians, IMHO, understand this, and tend to see Putin as a new 
> Peter 
> the Great. For the time being, he has proposed to restore the 
> domestic and international dignity of the Russian state within a 
> capitalist environment, and they are not asking for more.  To sum it 
> up: the Communist Party, which -from the point of view of the 
> "continuity of Russia"-  had a good reason to exist in the past 
> (when 
> the existence of Russia was linked with a world socialist 
> revolution) 
> has become useless now.  Putin does the task much more efficiently, 
> and -sadly I add- probably with better results for the peoples of 
> Russia.
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