[Marxism] Robert Jensen attack on Fahrenheit 9/11

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 5 11:30:19 MDT 2004

In my dreams, all of the current US left,
multiplied a hundred times, would be able
to speak to the broad mass of people in 
the United States with as much clarity and
political acumen as Micheal Moore has done
in this movie. He's correct when he says he
hopes it makes a difference in the election.
Nothing that the rest of the left, combined,
has done can have the impact he has. Viva
Michael Moore!

I admit, however, I'm waiting for a review
which will show us that Michael Moore's 
movie is actually a suspicious plot which
is designed to dragoon the workers in the
US into supporting the imperialist Kerry
for president of the United States....

scotlive at aol.com wrote:
Given the film's overall message and effectiveness in
delivering that message, I think on this occasion, any
critique of Michael Moore on the far-left is petty and
pedantic. None of us think he's God, or Lenin or Marx. And
hopefully as things progress and we move closer to a
revolutionary period, there will be no more need for people
like Moore. That said, at this moment in history, he's
appeared as the most effective and potent weapon we have
against a conscious ruling class, which has done such a
good job of controlling the media, and as such the
consciousness of the masses, there seems little hope 
of any progress.

Long live Michael Moore! 

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