[Marxism] rattling teeth and canes (was "My Blog")

James Daly james.irldaly at ntlworld.com
Mon Jul 5 17:29:43 MDT 2004

Gilles wrote:

ageism, dear James -- or should I say Comrade James to fit the
tale? -- is not yet in the picture (but then how should I know...?);

I made no reference to Gilles's age, and I haven't a clue what "should
I say Comrade James to fit the tale? " means [to "fit" what "tale"?!].

I wasn't taking any part at all in the debate at issue in the thread.
Wrongly -- as I now see -- I thought my one word comment "Ageism"
would be clearly seen as non-judgementally pinpointing with maximum
brevity the doubtless unconscious lack of what Nietzschean
right-wingers call "political correctness" in Mahommed's physically
and psychologically derogatory imagery of male old age. I think
political correctness is morally correct, and is just humanly
motivated respect for the oppressed and for those without the power to
enforce "respect" in the Mafia sense.  In fact the image presented
seemed to lack not only respect but sympathy for what is after all the
nearly universal condition of those lucky enough to reach old age.
If that paragraph seems inordinately heavy and judgmental, it was
precisely to avoid that that I used only one word.  -- J. D.

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