[Marxism] Robert Jensen attack on Fahrenheit 9/11

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 5 21:00:04 MDT 2004

Kerry may not make a difference to the suffering
Iraqis, but he DOES make a difference to suffering 
Cubans, as Kerry's Cuba position statement shows.
He's against the travel ban and he's also in favor
of continuing remittances to Cuba, as this shows:

It doesn't appear that the Iraqi resistance is in
any way going to be slowed down, regardless of the
outcome of the US election. No one in Iraq seems to
think the US election would make any difference in
their need to resist Washington's occupation regime.

Of course Micheal Moore's work builds on what the
activist left has done, but he reaches the tens of
millions while we still reach thousands when we're
lucky. His work helps what the activists do, and it
doesn't matter that his motives aren't the same.
Still, there's no reason to complain about Moore's
motives when his work should be judged primarily by
its merits or lack of same. I still haven't seen it,

A couple of points more about US presidential stuff.

Not to realize that Bush SHOULD be removed from 
office is to miss a profound truth about the world
in which we are currently continuing to live. I'm
now considering voting for the Camejo-Nader ticket,
even though my impression of Nader isn't terribly
enthusiastic. (Those who care about my voting may
recall I voted for Leonard Peltier in the Peace and
Freedom Party primary in California.)

Ralph Nader's position on Cuba isn't bad, I recall,
at least as he expressed it when he visited there
in 2002. He hasn't bothered to say anything about
Cuba in this campaign. He probably figures that 
any of the Miami Cubans who want to vote against
the Bush restrictions will be lost to him and will
vote for Kerry.

I was wondering THE MILITANT would come
up with a review showing Moore's movie is really
just a campaign commercial for Kerry in disguise,
but perhaps a Marxmailista will oblige...<g>

Walter Lippmann

Via NY Transfer News Collective * All the News that Doesn't Fit

sent by Bill McGinnis


By Rev. Bill McGinnis - Public Domain 

Filmmaker Michael Moore says he is happy to let people share his latest 
film, Fahrenheit 9/11, across peer-to-peer networks, according to a story 
published yesterday (July 4, 2004) in The Scottish Sunday Herald. Details 
at http://www.sundayherald.com/43167 . 

"I don't agree with the copyright laws and I don't have a problem with 
people downloading the movie and sharing it with people as long as they're 
not trying to make a profit off my labour. I would oppose that," Moore 
told the Scottish Sunday Herald. "I do well enough already and I made this 
film because I want the world to change. The more people who see it the 
better, so I'm happy this is happening," says Moore, reportedly. 

Not everyone is so happy. In fact, the movie industry is apoplectic about 
Moore's "let them copy it" ideas. 

"Piracy is having a dramatic impact on the creators and copyright owners 
of this nation, and its defeat depends largely on the commitment and 
resolve of the entire industry. File sharing causes tremendous financial 
loss to the movie business, untold hardship to support workers, and costs 
thousands of jobs," say Jack Valenti, outgoing president of the Motion 
Picture Association of America. 

"Where is it available to copy?," you might ask. I am not getting into 
that, because I am not willing to advocate that it be pirated. This 
message from me is simply to let you know that Michael Moore thinks it's 
okay in this case. But if you want to see more details on this subject, 
you can carefully read the original news story, at 
http://www.sundayherald.com/43167 . 

The official Michael Moore website is http://www.michaelmoore.com And the 
official Fahrenheit 9/11 website is http://www.fahrenheit911.com 

After initial hesitation, the film's distributor, Lions Gate, is appearing 
to leave the file-swapping activity alone, according to the story above. 

The film, which is highly critical of President George Bush and his 
administration, won the "Best Film" award at this year's prestigious 
Cannes Film Festival. 

Observation: The message of the film can be understood by watching on a 
normal computer screen; but the full emotional impact can only be felt in 
a big-screen movie theater, filled with other people. Therefore, the 
file-swapping will serve as a promotion to see the actual paid movie. If 
you want to get the full effect, you have to see the movie in a theater. 

Blessings to you. May God help us all.

Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director bmcgin at p...

Yes, he was being truthful when he said he hopes it makes a difference. 
Unfortunately, for the suffering Iraqis, there is no relief in store 
from John Kerry.

> Nothing that the rest of the left, combined,
> has done can have the impact he has. Viva
> Michael Moore!

In fact, Michael Moore could not exist without the gruntwork done by 
rank-and-file activists. We have created the climate out of which his 
films emerge.

> I admit, however, I'm waiting for a review
> which will show us that Michael Moore's 
> movie is actually a suspicious plot which
> is designed to dragoon the workers in the
> US into supporting the imperialist Kerry
> for president of the United States....

Why talk about a plot? If there's anything that Moore has made clear, it 
is that every fiber of his being is directed toward removing Bush from 
the White House? He has been completely open about this, even to the 
extent of effusing over the war criminal Wesley Clark.

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