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>> But "the potentially biggest break since the USPD" we are presented at
>> least every decade in post war Germany: the 'Titoist' UAPD in the
>> early fifties, the SDS break in 1959, the September strikes in 1969,
>> the emergence of the Greens and the DS in the early eighties, the PDS
>> after 1989.

   The problem with this initiative is that they limit themselves  
explicitly as _electoral_ alternative.

   But what can a socialist say in an electoral campaign in regard to  
the economic crisis and the social cutbacks?

   "This can be solved really only by a mass struggle in the  
workplaces, schools and streets".

   The main leaders of this "electoral alternative" are lower level  
trade union officials, but they do not wage a campaign for an  
effective trade union fight to defend wages, hours, health insurance,  
unemployment benefits etc. The only look at the elections, and this is  
a self-defeating outlook.

   A socialist would further explain, that the problems we face cannot  
be solved when we shy away from inroads in the rights of private  
property of the propertied classes, but the leaders of this "electoral  
alternative" don't say that.

   They dream of a social democratic policy of pacifying the relations  
between the classes when the class war is getting really hot.

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