[Marxism] Re: Robert Jensen attack on Fahrenheit 9/11

Paul H. Dillon illonph at pacbell.net
Tue Jul 6 08:19:11 MDT 2004

  Do you ever wonder if Moore puts this kind of material in primarily
because that's sort of the way many Americans, especially those mired in
American popular culture, think.  It establishes a certain kind of "hey I'm
like you bond" typical of Moore's overall strategy.

  Paul H. Dillon

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  > I'm delighted with Michael Moore's success, but the point about subtle
  > racism (or perhaps chauvinism is the right word) is nevertheless
  > right. I was enjoying "Dude, Where's My Country?" despite the
  > of the title, until he started to ridicule the Coalition of the Willing.
  > First stop: make Afghanis out to be savages ("what are they going to
  > two sticks and a stone?") Then ridicule a few more countries for being
  > small. Then he gets to Australia, where I live, and he says: "at least
  > Australia is a real country".
  > I guess a "real country" is one that has white people and invades its
  > neighbours.
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