[Marxism] RE: Russian CP in Disarray

David Walters dwalters at igc.org
Tue Jul 6 10:09:44 MDT 2004


 >Actually, as far as I am aware, the huge Russian gas supply has been
 >state-owned ever since the official collapse of the USSR.

Uh...not exactly. The state owns much of the basic extractive 
industries in Russia but little of it falls under anything you'd 
recognize as a 'left over' from the days of the USSR. Planning, 
specifically, or lack thereof, has denuded any 'state owned' industry 
of it's "nationalized" character. The Boards of Directors of these 
state owned industries are often drawn from privatized sectors of the 
ruling class, distribution, often from the well-head, is more often 
thean not completely in private hands, and even those 'state owned' 
industries are run on a "profit-and-loss" manner, where even their 
prices are determined by the market, not by...planning. What exactly is 
still a remnant of the October Revolution is almost nonexistent.

David Walters

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