[Marxism] Almost Half of Canadian Youth View America as "Evil"

M. Junaid Alam junaidalam at msalam.net
Tue Jul 6 11:22:10 MDT 2004

 From some right-wing Canadian rag:

Canadafreepress.com -- Politically Incorrect

*Poll: over 40% of Canadian teens think America is "evil"*

/by Arthur Weinreb, Associate Editor, Canada Free Press 

June 30, 2004

Can West News Services, owners of several Canadian newspapers including 
the /National Post/ as well as the /Global Television Networ/k 
commissioned a series of polls to determine how young people feel about 
the issues that were facing the country’s voters. Dubbed "Youth Vote 
2004", the polls, sponsored by the Dominion Institute and Navigator Ltd. 
were taken with a view to getting more young people involved in the 
political process.

In one telephone poll of teens between the ages of 14 and 18, over 40 
per cent of the respondents described the United States as being "evil". 
That number rose to 64 per cent for French Canadian youth.


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