[Marxism] Re: Robert Jensen attack on Fahrenheit 9/11

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Tue Jul 6 11:46:30 MDT 2004

 There are obivously things to be desired with the film, but I don't 
think you can criticize Moore for being a racist, 

The examples of "coalition partners" was just plain old biting 
sarcasm Moore-style. It is essentially the approach he uses in  all 
his films --that is,  to convey his message through humour. In doing 
so, he turns most really serious matters on their head (at least, 
temporarily) yet without actually taking way from the overall 
seriousness of the situation. You can say that it's not appropriate, 
yet it is certainly makes for a more entertaining film, therefore 
appealing to his audience -- most of whom who would rather not be 
lectured about the "perils of imperialism".  

Going into a whole LONG-winded discussion of how historically 
small,  poor countries, like Aghanistan, had been made 
(economically and politically) dependent on the U.S. and therefore 
don't really have a say on matters of supporting U.S. imperialism 
would have complicated the message, and perhaps been too much 
of a bombshell for most Americans to handle. 

I think the approach he took was effective-- showing how the 
countrries joining the coalition couldn't have contribute much to the 
invasion militarily if they wanted to, and therefore that the whole 
concept of the "coalition of the willing"  (apart from a few imperialist 
countries like Britian and Australia contributing troops to the 
cause) was essentially another of Bush's eloborate schemes to 
provide cover for the invasion. Simple, direct, and to the point. 


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>   Do you ever wonder if Moore puts this kind of material in primarily
> because that's sort of the way many Americans, especially those mired in
> American popular culture, think.  It establishes a certain kind of "hey I'm
> like you bond" typical of Moore's overall strategy.
>   Paul H. Dillon
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>   From: "Tom O'Lincoln" <suarsos at alphalink.com.au>
>   > I'm delighted with Michael Moore's success, but the point about subtle
>   > racism (or perhaps chauvinism is the right word) is nevertheless
> absolutely
>   > right. I was enjoying "Dude, Where's My Country?" despite the
> nationalism
>   > of the title, until he started to ridicule the Coalition of the Willing.
>   > First stop: make Afghanis out to be savages ("what are they going to
> send,
>   > two sticks and a stone?") Then ridicule a few more countries for being
>   > small. Then he gets to Australia, where I live, and he says: "at least
>   > Australia is a real country".
>   >
>   > I guess a "real country" is one that has white people and invades its
>   > neighbours.

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