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> The Left, greatly impoverished, is no match. The Iraqi insurgency, 
> however, might be

Exactly. And that is the entity we as radicals must support now and right up 
to the November bourgeois election. The Iraqi resistance, as well as their 
Palestinian counterpart, are holding the line against the forces of imperialism 
and reaction at present. We must consider ourselves part of the same resistance 
and do our utmost to help them in their courageous efforts to change the 
course of history.

Personally, I am sick of hearing those in the 'anyone but Bush' camp 
pontificating about how, this year, the only objective for everyone on the Left should 
be to get Bush out of office. 

As if Bush is the problem, as if it's the present government and not the 
SYSTEM of government that we as socialists, marxists and communists should be 
aiming to change.

Just look at the choice of candidates for a moment. Bush - a Yale-educated 
millionaire who took the nation to war and introduced the Patriot Act. Kerry - a 
Yale-educated millionaire who supports the war and supports the Patriot Act.

Yes, it was under the Democrats that most of the damage was wrought on the 
Iraqi people by the sanctions. It was Clinton who signed the Helms-Burton Act 
designed to ramp up the economic war against the Cuban people. It was Clinton 
who ordered the criminal bombing of civilian targets in Serbia, thus completing 
the break up of a functioning socialist state. And it was Clinton who 
continued the degradation of desperately needed social progams.

Has Kerry talked about dismantling the IMF, the World Bank or the WTO, US 
controlled institutions which have reduced life for billions around the world to 
that of a hellish existence? Has he mentioned closing the over-700 US military 
bases around the world? Will he move to ban the death penalty, to introduce 
reparations for 33 million descendants of slavery in the US? Will he tax the 
rich and invest in affordable housing, healthcare, schools and hospitals for the 

Neither the Dems or the Repubs should be viewed by anyone with an ounce of 
consciousness as anything other than the representatives of the present chaos 
and injustice.

Truth is, the only way forward is a mass movement, organized from the bottom 
up, which is relevant to the everyday lives of the oppressed peoples in the 
US. Only by fighting social and economic oppression at home can we hope to stop 
war and imperialism overseas.

'The great only appear great because we are on our knees. Let us rise.'
James Connolly

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