[Marxism] RE: Russian CP in Disarray

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I'm not sure about this. 94% of the Russian gas supply is controlled by the 
Huge Gazprom company, which is state owned. Recently, the Russian government 
has been cracking down hard on the Russian oilgarchs.

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>  >Hi,
>  >Actually, as far as I am aware, the huge Russian gas supply has been
>  >state-owned ever since the official collapse of the USSR.
>  >cheers.
>Uh...not exactly. The state owns much of the basic extractive
>industries in Russia but little of it falls under anything you'd
>recognize as a 'left over' from the days of the USSR. Planning,
>specifically, or lack thereof, has denuded any 'state owned' industry
>of it's "nationalized" character. The Boards of Directors of these
>state owned industries are often drawn from privatized sectors of the
>ruling class, distribution, often from the well-head, is more often
>thean not completely in private hands, and even those 'state owned'
>industries are run on a "profit-and-loss" manner, where even their
>prices are determined by the market, not by...planning. What exactly is
>still a remnant of the October Revolution is almost nonexistent.
>David Walters

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