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I know Bob Jensen and respect him.  He is one of the clearest-eyed males
I know on gender questions and a dedicated activist-academic.  But the
predictable reactions of the sect-left, and Jensen in this case, of
hair-splitting attacks against Moore's film to show all the things it
got wrong and all the things it didn't do - including provide a
comprehensive history of Palestine and a dialectical materialist
analysis of bulimia - is not only tedious lefter-than-thou
one-upmanship, it's symptomatic of the malaise of the sectarian left
that hasn't done this much since the days of the CIO to mobilize a shift
in the consciousness of the American working class.  This film, by the
way, went further to discredit the war in Iraq, to discredit the
capitalist media, and to show the craven cowardice of the Democratic
Party, than all the red-flag-bannered party papers in the country have
in the last 20 years.  In the nearby army-town of Fayetteville, NC, the
house was packed and military personnel as well as military families
walked out to receive "Bring Them Home Now" cards from local activists
as they openly cursed their Commander-in-Chief.  Some were weeping!  I
know our activists didn't get these troops and their families to study
Lenin's Emperiocriticism or the Grundrisse, and they should all be taken
to the woodshed for this crime of omission, but it deepened the chasm of
resentment between soldiers and the National Command Authority that
we've been trying patiently to excavate for over a year now.  Perhaps
all the arm-chair Lenins who are firing these shots through their
self-imposed vacuum should have gotten over themselves long enough to
hang around these cinemas and actually talked with some of these people
to find out where they really are.  It's quite a conversation piece,
really.  His next film will be about HMO's.  This man - who is not a
communist as some of us are - is the most effective propagandist to
reach large sectors of the US working class with some semblance of a
progressive agenda in living memory.  Instead of helping the Right to
try and assassinate him, we should be building on the breach he has
created in the collective consciousness of a destabilized wc to do what
vanguards are supposed to do, organize the grievances and anxieties of
our class into an analysis that provides the ideological basis of a


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