[Marxism] Palestinian and Israeli hip-hop

Derek Seidman derekseidman at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 8 07:27:53 MDT 2004

(I recommend checking out the Iron Sheik's website,
where you can listen to many of his songs:

American-Born 'Iron Sheik' Rhymes for Palestinian
Published: July 8, 2004

DEARBORN, Mich., July 5 — This Detroit suburb lies
near Eminem's spawning ground on the south side of
Eight Mile Road. But the women covered in hijabs and
the older men baking in the midafternoon sun looked on
skeptically as a D.J. began thumping a beat and a
fledgling rapper calling himself the Iron Sheik took
the stage here on a recent Sunday. 

"This first song is dedicated to a girl in a refugee
camp," began the Sheik, a 26-year-old whose real name
is Will Youmans. Stubbly faced, with dark, curly hair,
he wore a Detroit Pistons jersey — an indispensable
fashion statement here lately — with the number 48, as
in 1948, the year of Israel's founding.


The Israel Debate, to a Beat

Published: July 8, 2004

It was a standard enough hip-hop salute: "Peace!" But
then came the response: "Justice!"

For the handful of Israeli M.C.'s who performed at the
Prospect Park Band Shell last Thursday in a concert
called the Unity Sessions, the two concepts go
together: no peace in the Holy Land without justice.
"You can never say let's live together and then have
this thing called occupation," shouted T. N., a
Palestinian from the town of Lod, near Tel Aviv. "They
call it democracy," he added to growing jeers from the
crowd. "It's democracy for Jews and Zionism for


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